Best of 2014 Photo Fest


Do you have some great photos from the past  year lying  around in your computer memory or camera? Do have pictures that have really good stories behind them?  Koreabridge would love to help you share those images and stories with the world (and maybe help you win some prize money). 

We are sponsoring an online exhibition of the best photos from the past year in Korea and we'd love to see your favorite Korea 2014 images AND hear some of the stories behind them.  This is a contest with real prizes, but also a community 'show and tell'.  All are welcome to share their photos.

Quick Facts


  • Photos:  Any photo taken in 2014 in Korea.
  • Photostories:  Any photo taken in 2014 in Korea that is accompanied by a story 
    All images submitted will be entered in the 'photo' category of the contest.  Only images that are tagged as a 'photostory' will be entered in that category of the contest.

PRIZES:  ₩300,000+  in cash and prizes

Submission Period: Deadline EXTENDED to January 31, 2015

Galleries:   All Photos  *  Photo Stories  *  Slideshow

More Details

Who can submit photos?  
The contest is open to anyone - expat, Korean, & anything in between. 

What kinds of photos can be submitted?

Photos need to have been taken in Korea during 2014 . Those who publish photos must have the legal rights to publish the photo. We reserve the right reject photos if they are considered in violation of our posting policies.  Each person can submit up to 20 photos and any or all of those can include photostories. 

How can photos be submitted?

 All photos must be in .jpg format and the maximum upload size is 10MB. (info about resaving your photos here and  here).  For exhibition and  judging purposes all photos will be resized to an image no larger than 1600 pixels in width or height.  To submit a photo, register at  Click 'Create/Photo'.  Each photo needs a title, but description is optional.  For 'photo stories' include the story part in the description field.  Under tags, enter 'bestof2014' and/or 'photostory'.  Include a comma between each tag.    A moderator may need to approve photos submitted by new registrants before they appear online. 


Do photographers retain the rights to their  photos? 

All photo submissions must be the property of the entrant. No images with third party copyright ownership are eligible for entry. We encourage the use of Creative Commons licensing, but licensing is up to the photographers and can be stated in each photo description. Koreabridge reserves the non-exclusive right to use any images submitted to the photo contest in online exhibitions, publications, or for promotional purposes.

What are the prizes?


Top Overall Photo or Photostory: ₩100,000

 People's Choice Photo: ₩50,000
Judges Panel Prize: ₩50,000
People's Choice Award: ₩50,000
Judges Panel Prize: ₩50,000


  Honorable Mention: Prizes awarded by assorted Koreabridge sponsors

Top Overall Photo or Photostory
- the photo or photostory that get the highest combined rating of judges and KB visitors

People's Choice 
the photo and photostory that get the highest ratings in online voting

Judges Panel
the photo and photostory that get the top scores from the judges panel

How will the images be judged? 

Koreabridge managment will assemble a 'judges panel' consisting of talented photographers who are not entered in the contest. All Koreabridge users are also encouraged to participate in online voting. 

The judges panel criteria includes the ability for photos and stories to portray a '2014 in Korea' experience in an engaging way, exhibit strong creativity,and demonstrate a high level of  photographic quality (more significant in the photo category than in the photostory category).   

If you have any problems submitting photos or questions about the contest, please contact the the photo contest team at [email protected]

Amaj & Jeff

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