Secret Garden

The original for this one was horrible. Even the tonemap couldn't save it. The colors were just too drab.. the overcast sky that day didn't do much for the colors. So I made a composite, blending another shot to fill in the empty white sky, and I added some texture to even out the tones.

What you see here is Biwon (also called "Huwon"), the "secret garden" that is part of Changdeokgung. Korean architecture is known for its beautiful harmony with the natural environment, and this garden, with its reflecting pool and pine, is an excellent example of earth unified with sky and water. Take a walk around this pool and snap your camera. You will find that the sky aligns symmetrically with its reflection in the water.


About the shot: Tonemapped from 3 RAWs in Photomatix 3.1; post in CS4.  Taken October 2009, in Changdeokgung, Seoul.

©2009 Kevin Baylon