Help for Indonesian Living in South Korea

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Help for Indonesian Living in South Korea

Hello, we are from LeeSunSin Company (여해 법률사무소) wants to offer business help for Indonesian citizens who are currently living in South Korea and having some legal issues in South Korea.
The problems that we can help are;
- compensation for delay in payment of wages / unpaid wages
- industrial accident compensation
- marriage immigration counseling...
- visa problems
For detailed info, please contact:
Phone numb. : 02-537-2370
Location : Seocho Jungangro 154, No. 403 (From Seoul Nat'l University of Education Station / 교대역 exit 6, go straight 100m, LeeSunSin Company is located in Hana Bank building, 4th floor)
서울특별시 서초구 서초중앙로 154, 403호 (서초동, 화평빌딩) (교대역 6번 출구 앞100m 하나은행 건물 4층)
Email : [email protected]
*the fee is negotiable