Visa expired issue


My visa is going to expire on 26/8/15. 

I would like to know can I enter Korea after 26/8/15 without processing fee? What can I do because I would like to stay from one more week till the beginning of September. 

Thank you. 

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Re: Visa expired issue

You could file for an extension at imigration... but they could reject it and you'd have to pay said processing fee.

You could run out to Japan for the weekend. When you re-enter Korea, you get a 90 day tourist visa and your old visa is no longer valid. So if you work or go to school, that might be a problem. The cheapest you could do it for would be probably around 120,000 won including ferry and taxes.

You could just say screw it and leave a week after your visa expired... don't know what would happen but I'm sure you'd have to pay a fine and be interviewed by immigration.

Anyway you go, you have to pay.