the Zen Dermatology Centum City, Busan - hot event


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the Zen Dermatology in Busan is a clean, state of the art modern dermatology clinic located in Centum City, Busan. We offer many services and would like the foreign community to know that you have a place to go if you are looking for treatments to better improve yourself.

We are able to accommodate you in English and are offering special deals for foreigners:)

Only at THE ZEN Dermatology Clinic! hot sale (KRW)!!

Target: Customers visiting The Zen Dermatology Clinic
Period: Until August 31th
VAT not included

01. Wrinkle Botox Xeomin: 40,000 won

02. Lip filler + mouth corner botox: 99,000won

03. pigment laser + cryo: 120,000 won

04. ASCE exosome 2cc: 120,000won

05. 1 bottle of Juve Look Volume: 440,000 won

06. (Sleep) Ulthera 300 shots + Skin Botox
: 800,000 won

07. Autologous fat transplant + lip filler: 1,390,000won

08. Thermage FLX 600 shots + Leaf Therapen 5,000 shots: 1,890,000 won
This event is for customers visiting Centum the Zen Dermatology Clinic.

You can get it at a discounted price for until summer season!

​Get the care you want at a reasonable cost :)

If you have any questions please feel free to send a message (100% English) or call 051-918-7757/7755. 010-4401-7757.
You can ask for DR. Kim or DR. Park

Thank you and we appreciate the work you do in Korea!