ZEN clinic - cosmetic OP, laser, botox, filler, hair removal etc


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Zen Clinic in Busan is a clean, state of the art modera skin+plastic surgery clinic

located in Centum City, Busan. We offer many services and would like the foreign

community to know that you have a place to go if you are looking for treatments to

better improve your self.


We are able to accommodate you in English and are offering special deals for foreigners



Picosure or Revlits SI  1cm*1cm ---> 100,000 won (black and color tattoo)

Heliose2  1cm*1cm  ------> 50,000(only black)



One section(Korea product) -----> 100,000 won

                   (Germany product) ------>  200,000 won

Full Face Dermatoxin (skin botox)

: tightening, lifting, shrinkage of pore and wrinkle

Meditox 100Unit(Korea product) ---> 400.000won

Xeomin 100Unit(Germany product)  ---> 600,000won



Danae(Korea)  1cc---> 200,000won

                        3cc---> 400,000won

Cleviel(Korea) 1cc--->300,000won


Perfectha(France)  1cc---> 300,000won

                               3cc---> 600,000won

Teosyal(Swiss)      1cc--->400,000won





Picosure + Excel V  1 time + skin care 1 time ----> 500,000won


laser therapy(choice of all laser) 10 times + skin care 10times ---> 2500,000won

   laser name : picosure(Cynosure of  USA), excel V(Cutera of  USA),

                     sylfirm(KOREA), MCL31(GERMANY), Fraxel(KOREA)

                    Revlite SI(Cynosure of USA)

   effect  :  improvement of melasma, freckle, pigment, aging spot, scar,

                  acne spot, pore, hot flush, wrinkle and tightening, clear skin


Lifting Laser

Ulthera(shrink, eclipe) : simple lifting of face, neck

100 shot ---> 250,000won

300 shot ---> 600,000won


Lipolysis Laser

Micool (cool sculpting)

one section 2 pads :  200,000won (for 45minutes)


We also offer many other services such as :

liposuction operation, breast augmentation, blephaloplasty, rhinoplasty,

lifting operation etc..


If you have any questions please feel free to send a message (100% English) or

mobile message, call

phone 051-918-7757

mobile phone 010-4130-7754


cacaotalk yellow ID : zenclinic

   You can ask for Juhyun or DR. Park


Thank you and we appreciate the work you do in Korea!