Zen Clinic Centum City, Busan - laser, botox, filler, hair removal etc


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Zen Clinic in Busan is a clean, state of the art modern skin+plastic surgery clinic located in Centum City, Busan. We offer many services and would like the foreign community to know that you have a place to go if you are looking for treatments to better improve yourself.
We are able to accommodate you in English and are offering special deals for foreigners:
Laser Hair Removal (5 time treatment) Even though summer is coming, don't be shy! 
1. Underarm 30,000 (korea won)
2. Upper lip hair - 30,000
3. Bikini – 140,000~ 400,000
4. lower Leg(calf) – 140,000
5. upper Leg(thigh) - 240,000
Freckle Removal via laser – 300,000. (Laser treatment 3 times + skin care treatment 3 times)
Skin Care (Remove redness and blackheads) 5-time treatment – 250,000.
Melasma laser – 700,000
Laser 10 times + skin care 10 times.
We also offer many other services such as:
Tattoo Removal, Botox,and a wide range of skin care treatments.
If you have any questions please feel free to send a message (100% English) or call 051-918-7757.  010-4401-7757.
 You can ask for Hwang bo  or DR. Park 
Thank you and we appreciate the work you do in Korea!