Zen Clinic Centum City, Busan

Zen Clini in Busan is a clean, state of the art modern skin+plastic surgery clinic located in Centum City, Busan.We offer many services and would like the foreign community to know that you have a place to go if you are looking for treatments to better improve yourself.


We are able to accommodate you in English and are offering special deals for foreigners:

Laser Hair Removal (5 time treatment) Even though winter is coming, don't be shy! 

1. Underarm 30,000

2. Upper lip hair - 30,000

3. Bikini – 140,000

4. Leg – 140,000


Freckle Removal via laser – 300,000. (Laser treatment 3 times + skin care treatment 3 times)


Skin Care (Remove redness and blackheads) 5-time treatment – 250,000.


Melasma laser – 700,000

Laser 10 times + skin care 10 times.


We also offer many other services such as:

Tattoo Removal, Botox, and a wide range of skin care treatments.


If you have any questions please feel free to send a message (100% English) or call 051-918-7755.  You can ask for A-Young Lee.


Thank you and we appreciate the work you do in Korea!




Re: Zen Clinic Centum City, Busan

Has anybody managed to get an appointment at this clinic? I've tried calling many many times but each time nobody could speak English?! I'd like to find out what type of laser they use and whether the doctor can speak English. Any info would be greatly appreciated

Re: Zen Clinic Centum City, Busan

Hello! You can walk in. It's located right outside of exit 11 centum city, 9th floor of the building beside the subway stop