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Hi there, I am Yubin, a local in Busan, Korea.


I am smart, very organized, enjoy helping people, and speak fluent English. I have an English teaching certificate for the public school, and worked as a manager of English Foreign Faculty of Dong-A university for 2 years. Actually, the teachers there recommended that I start this business. My job included things from official paperwork like visa issue to casual help to address a variety of problems. Having communicated with about 40 different westerners, I know how things should be dealt with to satisfy your request. Based on my education and career experiences, I can HELP expats deal with difficulties while you are living or traveling in Busan. Below are some things I can help you with, but ANYTHING else can be done. Please PM/kakao/text/call me.

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/yubinhelped

Kakao ID: sweetsnowa

Text or Call: 010-2088-7539


This new small business is highly recommended by my many foreign friends. Thanks :)



House hunting (200,000 KRW)

Please send me your preferences of house locations, styles, and specific financial conditions. Given information, I will look for several apartments through the real estate agencies(Budongsan 부동산). Accompanying you, I can try to lower the key money, the rent, and the Budongsan fee. I can help you set up the Internet, gas, etc. Yubin can save you money!


Visa issue (30,000 KRW/hour)

For complicated Immigration work or getting background check at the police office, I can come with you to make every step easier. I know some of visa paperwork process through my work experiences, so my help will be a bit more professional.


Bank work (30,000 KRW/hour)

Opening a new account is necessary, but it is sometimes difficult to deal with several steps without a Korean speaker. By my translation, you can confirm all the processes. Please prepare your passport and ARC. Also, I can help you create E-certificate(공인인증서). It can be useful especially when you purchase things from the Korean websites. Creating and registering it, however, requires complex processes. I can help you make and save it to your hard drive or USB.


Mobile phone (30,000 KRW/hour)

Let’s go to the mobile phone store together. I will help you find a good phone and a better option for the pay plan suitable for you. Your ARC is required to buy your cell phone.


Lasik Eye Surgery (200,000 KRW)

I have gone through Lasik Eye Surgery before. This experience will give you information relating to all the processes. I will search for an eye clinic with good reputation and a reasonable price. Both on the preliminary test day and the surgery day, I can accompany you and help get medicines and go home safely.


Travel plan (30,000 KRW/hour)

If you want to travel through Korean tour companies, I can help plan your vacation. I can find you good accomodations. In addition, I can help you find a best value flight ticket. In 2015 April, I visited San Francisco with 560,000 KRW round trip ticket.


Communication/Translation (30,000 KRW/hour)

-Hospital/Clinic: You do not need to look for a further-away one with struggle on the account that there is an English speaker. I will accompany you as your translator.

-Tax problems: When you have tax problems or when you need to report your tax state to your country, I can help you to issue the right documents. For example, one of my American friends had to pay additional tax for the last two years. The previous workplace reported his income wrongly, but we proved that he paid and tackled all his problems.

-Taxi driver, Delivery man(택배), Repairman: Please contact me when you need communication. Are you puzzled as to gas stop, water leak, lamp gone out, or things? I can communicate with the repairman about making appointment and describing the problems.

-Purchase on Korean websites: You can buy any products online. Please ask for any thing.


Discount information

 -Tickets: Sometimes I will post ticket information with good sale price. If you want to buy through me, please pay me a small fee, 3,000-10,000 KRW per ticket.



**Remember: Please check my facebook page. (www.facebook.com/yubinhelped) “Yubin Helped” can make your life in Busan easier! Just ask any Dong-A University teacher about me.


Re: Yubin Helped

Wow. And people think English teaching is a rip off. 

"yubin  can save you money!" By charging you 200,000 to do work you are paying the relator to do.