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VG Plastic Surgery has specialized medical teams of 6 doctors on EYES, NOSE, BREASTS, facial contouring and ANTI-AGING.


We also do have 2 anesthesiologists to make sure the perfectly safe operation.


Each specialized team is fully trained and have great amount of surgical experiences which will fully satisfy each and every customer without any concerns of outcomes.


Also, the rate of revisiting the clinic is high due to the high satisfaction of the results.


VG is not a Factory-like-plastic-hospital. They aim for professionally customized operation. The skillful doctors carefully design where to change precisely and they never over-diagnose.


The doctors, nurses and interpreters can promise the customers' safety confidently

since we never accept the customers more than their limit.


We also can provide many kinds of service:




1) Free Consultation


2) Hotel Reservation


3) Interpreter - 1:1 Care System (at hospital and can send messages anywhere)


4) Transportation Reservation / Pick-up Service 





[email protected]

Facebook: en.vgprs


Glasstower 4th floor, 406 Gangnam-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea


(Gangnam Station Exit No.11)


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