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Hello there Korean friends - 안녕하세요!

Learn to speak English with confidence naturally. I am a friendly and kind American living in the Philippines with my Filipino wife. I tutor people all over the world online via Skype and would like to help you also.
I offer a free trial class to see if I am the right tutor for you. I concentrate on helping my students gain fluency in conversation.
There are no boring grammar rules in my classes.
You learn English by reading and listening to interesting stories and articles for homework. During the class we talk about what you have reaad. In this way you pick up and use new vocabulary and phrases.

Just like how a baby learns to speak by hearing and repeating what is heard, you can learn to speak English naturally. It is not hard for babies to learn English. You too can learn to speak by hearing how it is spoken and by repeating it. Practice a little every day and you will see some progress.
Listening and reading will improve your English generally. They won’t teach you the actual rules of grammar, but your grammar will improve. This is because the way sentences are spoken and written will become fixed in your mind through use, and you will use them the same way.
I do not teach grammar in my tutoring. I concentrate on helping my students gain confidence in their speaking of English. I correct mistakes as we read and discuss topics. For those who only want to practice their English (without reading) we can pick a topic and discuss it. If you want a native speaker to practice your English with, then I think I can help.

God bless you!

Brother Galen

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