University Consultants of America


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University Consultants of America is an independent consulting service assisting students with the university and graduate school application and admissions process.  We service students living in the United States as well as international students from  Asia, South America, Europe, and Africa who seek to enter U.S. universities.


University Consultants of America has special expertise in college and university admissions. Our CAM Protocol™ is the only program of its kind, offering unique training and comprehensive, goal-oriented services that have proven to be effective for U.S. admissions efforts.


UCA helps students: 

            --     Understand and identify their strengths and unique persona

            --     Translate personal attributes and achievements into compelling admissions presentations

            --     Identify colleges and universities with the right “fit” and a blend of selectivity

            --     Draft and edit genuine and effective essays

            --     Prepare and practice for successful admissions interviews


UCA’s people are dedicated, intelligent and experienced, educated at some of the finest institutions in America, with backgrounds in admissions, education, human behavior, professional editing and interviewing. Each student benefits from a three-person team, as well as our staff of counselors, researchers, and UCA’s advisory Board of Education.


Find out how University Consultants of America can make a significant difference in your life.