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We are nonprofit volunteer organization ADDI and our first launching social distribution project 'Tour ToGather' gives tourists Seoul tour with no charge.(free)

Except for transportation, food cost and entrance fee, you don't have to pay for our service but you can donate to our organization that directly goes to the people in need.

 March 2016, we are planning to support disabled children who have limited access to elementary education simply because there aren't enough money to build school. We take voluntary donation that directly goes to the children.

Our slogan is 'Tour together to gather our love'.

Our goal is not just a being a tour guide.We not only want to be your friends, but also give love to friends who need our help.

Our tour is planned by local people and we minimize the tour costs but maximize the fun of seoul tour.

  We have 22 Korean guides who are university students. They are volunteers for this tour and do not get any monetary rewards. They are very passionate so you can get not only knowledge about Korean history and culture but their energy and passion from them