Supporting English club activity at Samsung Girls' High School


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I am Ms. Myeonsook Kim, English teacher at Samsung Girls’ High School in Sahagu, the southern part of Busan. I’m looking for an English native speaker who deserve to teach how to write an English essay as I would like to help to improve students’ English writing skills for publishing SELCA Herald – our school’s English newspaper. The lesson will be taken one or two times after school during weekdays 19:00 ~20:30 per month. The time for lesson can be flexible depending on your schedule. We can also arrange lesson fees with 100,000won up to 120,000won(Korean currency) according to your visa type. If you’re interested in our activity, please contact to me. The sooner is the better. I'm looking forward to your positive reply. The sooner is the better. 
Best wishes
Ms. Myeonsook Kim