Storage Service. [Store My Stuff, Mr. Park] (Seoul)


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[STORE MY STUFF, MR PARK] provides storage service to make customers extend their personal or official space.

■ What kind service [STORE MY STUFF, MR PARK] provide?

It is one of urban storage service for the customers who would like to store their off-season clothes, seasonal goods (which use one time per year), permanent document, baby products, and etc. The service guarantee three things, the best affordable price, the best convenience, and the best safety for you store stuffs.

1. The best affordable price
  Only ten thousand won per month (73 liter box will be provide)

2. The best convenience
  No matter where you are, the packing box will deliver and pick up by us.
  Sure, there are no extra charges for this convenient service.
  Furthermore, storage locates urban area (Yeok-Sam dong), so you can reach us anytime you want.

3. The best safety
  Remarkable solid/safety box will keep off your valuable stuffs from any damages and corruption.
  In addition to this, storage runs with exhaustive dehumidification system, various locking system and CCTV.

■ What is the service flow?

1. Request the service through our web-site or phone
  Let us know, type of service and term of use you need.
  (Web-site:, Phone number: 02-6092-0660)

2. Pack your stuff
  Put your stuff in served [STORE MY STUFF, MR PARK] 's packing box

3. Mr. Park will pick up your box
  The box will be pick up as you request (anywhere, anytime)

4. Your stuff will be store in safety condition
  Picked up boxes will be placing Mr.Park's safety storage.

■ Price for service?

10,000 won per one month for one standard box. (VAT10% not included)
Standard box means 73 liter. (43cm X 68 cm X 32cm).

If you have any stuffs which hard to fit in our standard box. Please follow additional info in our web-site regard how to use our service.

Do not give away your space to your stuffs.
You can create pleasant and beautiful place with [STORE MY STUFF, MR PARK].

* Contact us: [STORE MY STUFF, MR PARK] 02-6092-0660 /

It's fine to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests