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Copied from the old Pweb (circa 2006)
 Even tho Korean girls insist on wearing high heels that cause ankle and foot disasters, there is NO specialty in Korea such as an American Podiatrist.  I have been looking for years for someone to help me with my arthritic feet. Finally, I will be able to walk/stand more comfortably for hours in my classroom.

I have finally found a specialist.  He and his colleagues specialize in "sports medicine". He heads the "foot and ankle clinic".  [are you a "marathoner"?]

Busan Paek Pyongwan (Pusan Paek Hospitals)
Orthopedic Surgery Dept.
Jangjeon Dong (also offices in Gaegum Dong)

To find him, take the subway to subway station #129, walk out exit #2, walk away from the subway (90 degrees) on the street ahead of you. Walk straight to the next street light (200 meters) and the hospital fills the corner on your left.. You cannot see the name of the hospital until you reach the corner and look around it. The hospital is a tall building on the corner, but there is no sign facing the direction of the subway.

Dr. Gwak Hee Chul
office/hospital: 607-8133
HP: 011-871-1019