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ShinKwang hot melt polymer adhesives are often chosen to help stick things together including other polymers. Hot Melt Polymer adhesives resins and films from ShinKwang Co., Ltd. are scientifically developed for stronger hold or easier coating onto a substrate. ShinKwang resins are developed for reliable performance in high-speed laminating or product assembly lines. Some also are found in consumer-level adhesives and hot melts. ShinKwang supports leading adhesives formulators and compounders worldwide by providing specialized processing or adhesion properties for specific uses.

Adhesion solutions include:

· PVC, PP, PC, PET materials
· solar panel manufacturing
· insole of shoes manufacturing
· headlining of automobiles manufacturing
· aluminium composite panel and honeycomb panel 
· extrusion-coated adhesives for coating steel pipes

The adhesive films you use and the services you get from your supplier can have a profound effect on your success. The right films in adhesion, for instance, can make products more efficient. 

The quality and consistency of films also affect your productivity. Higher quality films run better on your production line. Selecting an adhesive film solely on the basis of price is a false economy that often leads to a higher total cost of manufacture. The necessity of containing your costs, the need for creating new and improved products, and for improving your sustainability means you need new co-extruded and custom multi-layers films. 

ShinKwang Hotmelt Co., Ltd. works with you to create innovative, cost-effective solutions to your needs. Our company not only has the technical and manufacturing expertise you need, we give you direct access to our best experts by eliminating the layers of bureaucracy that make dealing with some suppliers difficult. 

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