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Our services for expats (foreigners), international firms and ethnic Koreans overseas or with non-Korean passport are;

Korean Immigration Visa
SEENEW is able to provide with all required legal services to foreigners who wish to immigrate to South Korea or those who desire to extend or change their visa for their stay in Korea.

Legal services for foreign (international) company in Korea
SEENEW is able to provide specialized legal services for foreign firms that desire to establish legal business entity in Korea. Unlike Korean companies, legal protection within Korea can be crucial for their business success in Korea. Thus, for international firms professional legal service is imperative.

Medical Tourism

Our SEENEW law firm comprises of two lawyers that are certified doctors in South Korea. Thus, SEENEW is able to provide full legal protection for patients with our specialized legal service in the medical field, even for those who are temporarily visiting Korea for merely medical services and tourism.

For more detail, SEENEW offers such legal services as seen below;

  1. Legal protection for the use of medial service in Korea
  2. Legal protection for translation/interpretation services in medical centers
  3. Legal protection for visas and migration entitlements
  4. Consultation of legal significances regarding relevant medical services

Various legal services for expats (foreigners) in Korea

The areas of services are as seen as below;

a. Marriage, marriage registration with migration entitlements etc.

b. Naturalization, acquirement of Korean nationality
c. divorce action (as a result of violence, fraud, abuse etc) and other following matters

d. Full legal protection with regards to further education and employment opportunities

e. Legal action against labour abuse, dismissal, violence etc.

f. Legal action against racism and/or discrimination


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