Puliphwangi(Herb Aroma) Oriental Medical Clinic


Business/Organization Type: 

 This Oriental Medicial Clinic is located in a BNU(Busan National University) area, very close from a PNU subway station. The doctor treats a variety of skin troubles through acupunture and herb. His way of treating skin problems is different from  western doctors who use laser. His focus is on giving our body regenerative power by stimulating skin tissues through a special designed acupucture medical device. He also believes that skin problem derives from our internal organ troubles. So he administers herb remedy along with the physical acupucture. He does bee sting acupure, cupping and moxa.  Actually his herbs are very trustworthy since he raises a variety of herbs on his own in the rural area without using any chemiclals. Funny to say this, but you'll actually get an impression of him as a farmer not a doctor at first sight.

  He speaks fairly good Chinese as well as English. And the clinic is very friendly to foreigners since he has several foreign friends and has been abroad a lot. He does piercing service as well. He owns a piecring shop in PNU area called JJing.  

For direction of his clinic, call 010-4877-9948 or call his clinic at 051-532-1835 from exit 4 of BNU subway station.

 business hours :

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 10 30 am~9.00 pm(lunch hour 12 30~2.00 dinner 6.00~7.00)

Saturday (from 10 30 am~6.00 pm)

You are required to make a reservation prior to visiting the clinic by phone.