Online ESL English Teacher


Online English Tutor- Teacher.


My name is Eddie and I am from the United Kingdom and I now live in Asia.

I have taught English for 10 years Face to face and Online I have been teaching all over the world from South Korea- to China- to Japan. Philippines and online with Brazil- France- Germany- Poland- Ukraine- Istanbul- Itali- Kazakhstan- England- Holand- America- China- Russia- Belarius-Thailand- Singapore- Malasia- Republic of Korea and many more.

I have taught many subjects of English from: IELTS- TOEFL- Business- Grammar- vocabulary- reading writing, conversation, Business english, exam preparation and more.

I am giving you the opportunity to be learning English with a Qualified Teacher who has been inspired by many cultures off students and in all my years off teaching English all the students have one thing in common and that is low confidence with their English needs I am here to help you to grow and gain the confidence you’re needing as with the subjects you’re wanting to gain and learn.

Foe more information please Send me a message!


Regards Edward.