New York Smile Orthodonics: Braces in Korea


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When coming to Korea to teach English, my braces were the last thing that I thought of handling. However, because I've had metal in my mouth entirely too long, I decided to search for an orthodontist. Teaching in Eonyang, a small town outside of Ulsan, does not give me many options to find an English-speaking orthodontist. Thankfully, an Internet search led me to find New York Smile Orthodontics in Busan! 

From the first phone call, the staff at this office has been phenomenal. They were able to schedule a consultation two days from my initial call. I've now been going to the office for dental work for about six months and I have zero complaints. The staff is beyond professional and kind; the office and its facilities are extremely modern and clean; and my teeth have shown major improvements in their alignment.

Dr. Park and her staff really go the extra mile to ensure their clients are happy, and that appointments are scheduled at feasible dates and times for all parties. New York Smile even helped to schedule an appointment to have my wisdom teeth extracted without me doing any work! 

If you are looking for an English-speaking orthodontist, I would HIGHLY recommend this office. I guarantee that you will leave there with a New York smile!