Myung Shin Oriental Medicine Clinic 명신한의원


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I found a great oriental medicine clinic in Busan. I was having a problem with a torn meniscus from playing basketball and I heard of this place from a friend of mine. The doctor is from CANADA! He speaks fluent English. He is Korean but he lived in Canada for 4 years or so and studied english and medicine in Canada while he was ther. He was exceptionally friendly and professional. He is very intelligent and honest when it comes to his work. After going to his clinic 3 times a week for 4 weeks, my knee area felt great and the pain hasn't come back since! The price was very manageable even for a foreigner (I'm from Canada as well). The nurses and the receptionalists are exceptionally nice. The facility was very new and very well designed. The clinic is in a two story high building (the whole building is the clinic). Has a spot for foot spa (complimentary while you wait. It was so relaxing). Had massage chairs in the waiting area so you can sit and watch tv while getting massaged. Even has a sauna upstairs! All the equipments were new and advanced. I would definitely recommend this place. I am going to try the herb medicine next time I go because all my Korean friends have been telling me they are really good for my health! 

I feel comfortable going there, knowing I can actually communicate with the doctor and tell him exactly what I need and he will understand.

I have also posted some pictures of the place I took. I was so impressed I had to take some pictures to show to my friends. Some of mine have tried it and they came back loving the experience.

This is their address. You can put it in Google Maps and it will guide you there. 

157-27 Sajik 3(sam)-dong
Dongnae-gu, Busan, South Korea

It's really worth the try. I used to be scared to try the oriental medicine as well but I honestly am so glad I tried it!