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Greetings from METROPHONE

We always have the best deals in the country.


WE always have free phone models where you can pay only for the minimal pack.


Iphone XR starting from 61.050/month (including all unlimited pack)

Iphone XS starting from 71.560/month (including all unlimited pack)

Iphone XS max starting from 75.660/month (including all unlimited pack)

GALAXY NOTE 9 starting from 63.490/month (including all unlimited pack)

GALAXY S10 starting from 59.320/month (including all unlimited pack)

GALAXY S10+ starting from 62.320/month (including all unlimited pack)

IPHONE 8 starting from 58.980/month (including all unlimited pack)

IPHONE 8+ starting from 62.960/month (including all unlimited pack)

LG G7 starting from 57.550/month (including all unlimited pack)

LG V30s starting from 57.550/month (including all unlimited pack)

AND any other available model in Korea.

We also have new and used phones to buy right away.

You can bring your old phone for a trade as well (stolen phones are not accepted)

For those, who just travel and do not have an alien registration card also can get a prepaid service (all unlimited for a month – 38.500 won)

You are planning to buy a TV… wait! … You can get one for FREE! Home internet + home TV installation = starting from 28.600 a month

WE provide 1000% safe registration without any unnecessary additional packs you can get at other stores.   

BE AWARE of several scams are made to foreigners during the registration at cellphone shops:

1.       During your registration one or more additional phones can be registered on your name. You would realize it after 6 months after the registration (up to 6 phones can be registered on one person)

2.       During your registration you can be explained about a minimal pack but originally you can be put to a much more expensive one.

3.        IF you register only a number, a free phone model would be registered on your name but not given to you.

4.       When you trade-in your old device the remaining payment can be promised to be covered but will not be. Instead you would be paying for two phones.


Before you get a new phone at any shop, always visit us for a free consultation (even if you are not ready to get a phone from us) We are always ready to provide help to anyone to avoid scam.




For more information : 010-2305-3042

[email protected]


We are located at Busan Station EXIT 5, CHINA TOWN street, across from the Chinese School. MetroPhone

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