Master your English with the Experts at 7USD/hr only!


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Who are we?

 We are a group of private ESL and Academic teachers who have taught students of different ages and nationalities online and offline. We are degree holders and have worked online for ESL companies around the world and tutorial centers in our country-teaching Math, Physics and Chemistry.
Why did we form this group?
We understand that learning online, be it English or academic, doesn’t come cheap. Take a look at these: according to, expect to pay between 30USD to 40USD/hr for academic tutoring. And the rate still goes up if the teacher is a certified top-notch; they pay up to 85USD/hr. For ESL teaching, they pay between 10USD to 25USD/hr.
So, we formed this group. We want to teach English, Math, Physics and Chemistry to kids and adults around the world at very affordable rates. Be it a one-on-one or group classes, we will make sure that our rate is within your budget.
What are your rates?
For one-on-one classes, we charge 7USD per hour.
For group classes, we charge 8USD per hour.
Conversational English-7USD per hour (you can choose between audio and video classes)
For academic tutoring (Physics, Math and Chemistry)
We charge 9USD/hr.
How can you be so sure that you will provide quality service?
Our education and years of experience have taught us on how to be effective teachers to students with different linguistic needs.
For academic tutoring, our tutors are licensed engineers, chemists and physicists.
Why should you trust us?
Because we mean business. We don’t intend to do it for a few days or what. We will do it as long as we live and our reputation is much more important than temporal earnings.
Mode of payment?
We only accept payments through paypal.
Our packages:
Package 1: 20 hours
Package 2: 30 hours
Package 3: 50 hours
Package 4: 70 hours
Package 5: 100 hours
Package 6: 150 hours and above
For security reason, we require our clients to deposit 50% of the total fee and only after they consume the  first half will they pay again the other half.
Refer your friends to learn English with us and we will give you HOURS OF FREE LESSONS!
1 referral=1hr.
2 referrals=2hrs
And so on…
Please write to me: [email protected]