Looking for truck to carry goods? Then, here is the solution


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English-speaking Moving Service in Busan and surrounding areas.
This service will be very helpful for people who think korean usual service is too expensive to use their service even if you don't have lots of stuff 
•Animal taxi
•Other services available upon request
•Van service
1)   Luggage,Funiture(DIY) : Within Busan(depending on distance)
; within 5 km : ₩15,000
     5~10km : ₩25,000
    10~15km : ₩30,000
    15~20km : ₩40,000
    20~25km : ₩50,000
    25~30km : ₩60,000
2)    Busan to Ulsan: ₩80,000 
If I help you carrying your stuff to / from my truck - plus ₩5,000~10,000
3)   Animal taxi: ₩16,000 per 10km
1.   Message me on kakao
2.   (You) Please send me pictures you want to carry and address
3.   (Me) Offer you the price
4.   (We) Adjusting time schedule
Contact: Kakao --> whatalife89