LA 북창동순두부 (Dubuhouse)


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LA 북창동순두부 (Dubuhouse) is a soondubu chain with many locations throughout the region. This location is in Samgye-dong, accessible via the Presbyterian University stop (No. 20) on the Busan-Gimhae Lightrail.

Many variations of the standard tofu in a spicy peppered broth are offered, including soondubu with a variety of seafood, oysters, ham and cheese, kimchi, curry and beef. Additional meat and fish accompaniments also are offered. Banchan (side dishes) are copious and, with most traditional Korean restaurants, can be refilled on request.

Dubu meals average from 7,000 to 9,000 won each.

Phone: 055-333-0545

Google Map

Exit the lightrail station on the right, go down the stairs and turn right at the next intersection. Walk up the road about 5 minutes. This location is on the left side of the road.