Korean Street Fashion


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Clothes shape who we are in the eyes of others, but they also allow us to bond with others who share our style. Apart from shoes, jewelry and accessories, the most important part of a clothing style is the clothes. And if you're here, chances are you're interested in korean clothes. As you probably know, korean fashion is divided into different subtypes, the main ones being streetwear and casual korean fashion.

In this collection, you'll discover Korean clothes that you can incorporate into your wardrobe to create the Korean style. Let's look at the various Korean clothing that you can put in your wardrobe.

Korean Tops

Tops are an essential element of every korean style. If you're looking to wear an crop top or a long-sleeved shirt when it's cooler there is always something you love in korean clothes. Also, don't forget the summer tops or the many kinds of tops: stripes and polka dots in plain colors.

Korean Blouses

The female tops are a wide variety and a range of. However, to make an everyday outfit more stylish there's nothing better than an elegant blouse. With its airy and vaporous appearance, it adds elegance and lightness to your daily outfit. The blouse is dressed up than a basic t-shirtbut is less formal than the top. It is authentic, and it goes with you everywhere, be it made of cotton, voile or satin. It's great to layer it over jeans, pants or shorts, or even a skirt. From day to evening, this blouse is the perfect all-rounder.

Korean Shirts

From denim shirts to white shirts, lumberjack shirt, Hawaiian shirts, pajamas and polka dot tops and floral shirts the modern woman has a lot of options. It's a fact that the korean shirt is the ideal shirt to keep up with the fashions that are constantly changing the korean fashion scene. With its timeless cut, you will be able to play around with them in a safe manner.

Korean Jumpsuit

An outfit of pants as well as a shirt together and the jumpsuit offers some practicality to be a perfect fit for those who are glued to the front of their closets without having a clue about what to put on. If you're comfortable and comfortable, the korean jumpsuit is fashionable and elegant. A unique evening dress that has a distinctive character, the jumpsuit is the perfect alternative to a formal dress or tuxedo for women. In a casual and vibrant style the suit can be worn casually but always with that snazzy touch that we love in it.

Korean Short Jumpsuit

A combination of a shorts and a jumpsuit and here's the short jumpsuit, a typical garment taken from the dungarees that has nevertheless become fashionable, feminine, and fashionable. It all depends on the style selected. The shorts' combinations are a variety of styles. They can be casual, wearing denim, for instance, and with straps that are small or an embroidered floral design. A korean short jumpsuit can be extremely elegant, such as in strapless black and strapless versions with heels and a classy clutch. In the summer is when we showcase his looks apart from skirts and dresses. It is a good way to bring some freshness to the style of his clothes.

Korean Vests

It's now an essential item for winter. It is warm, practical, and comfortable the long vest is the ideal piece to wear on days you're shivering due to the cold. It doesn't matter if you put it on to relax on the weekend or dress it as trench coat can be adapted to any situation and style. It is also a great option during summer when the nights cool down. With buttons, a belt or even flaps that fold inwards, the korean vest plays the role of femininity and elegance with warmth and convenience.

Korean Skirts

From trapeze-style skirts to midi dresses pencil skirts or pleated skirts the skirt is one of a few clothes which can be changed indefinitely. However, if trends guide season after season, the fashion of korean skirts to be plebiscitein style, it's not essential to forget that it is best to pick a skirt based on its morphology , rather than to the mood of the moment...

Korean Pants

An essential component of every day outfits Pants are an essential element of a woman's wardrobe. They allow you to feel at ease while looking elegant, casual, or cozy. The style and style of korean pants, we are able to experiment with different kinds of styles. Wide-legged pants allow to be worn with an untight jacket and sneakers, to channel the 70s. The slim cropped pants look chic when paired with high-heeled shoes as well as a blouse with the flounce collar. To be specific, the straight flare pants are classic when worn with a pair turtlenecks and derby shoes.

Korean Jeans

From skinny jeans to flare jeans from dad jeans and boyfriends, korean jeans are now the staple of our wardrobes over time. In fact, it is difficult to imagine today that they could live without the fundamental element of our clothes. It's important to note that due to its casual, transgenerational and casual look they are effortlessly incorporated into any style...

Korean Shorts

They're the perfect complement for skirts, as they combine the elegance, comfort and feminine. They have been a fashion staple. We wear them in summer time to soak up the sun and the heat however, they can also be fashionable in winter. Since it can be cut in a variety of cuts, lengths, and styles The korean shorts can easily be adapted to all morphologies , and any style preference including casual, sexy elegant urban music...

Korean Lingerie

Since the past few years the women's underwear is now an actual fashion accessory. Diversity is definitely the order these days, in terms of fabrics and colors, or patterns cut, shapes... Panties made of cotton and white bras with lace share the spotlight with various designs, from the classic to the most sexiest. Korean Lingerie is a hit at all tables to delight every woman, regardless of their tastes and their morphology.

Korean Swimsuits

An essential for summer swimming suits are fun to wear when the first signs of sunshine start to show. The trend of democratization was triggered by the Second World War, swimsuits tend to be minimalist, and occasionally contemporary. In order to showcase your femininity and be comfortable, you need to pick the right one. Based the type of your physique and preferences it is possible to choose one-pieces, bikinis or trikini, or tankinis.

Korean Coats

As one of the most essential pieces in your wardrobe, this piece has an unique and crucial place to go for the cold winter days and gray day of fall: the coat. More long than a jacket or a blouson korean coat is able to reach the legs, as well as the ankles in the longer models. Most often, it is comprised of wool, it's designed to be warm enough you can wear it in any weather.

Korean Sweaters

It is warm all winter and can be used on cold summer nights. A korean sweater is among the essential clothing can be worn with pants and with skirts. Made from wool and featuring sleeves that are long, it has a wide range of style options. A turtleneck or a V-neck sweater can be warm, and sometimes sexy. The necklines differ from one model to another , and so do the shapes, cuts, designs, colors, and colors. Long or short and close to the body , or extra-large, you'll be able to find a sweater that fits your style and morphology.

Korean Dresses

With the skill of the designers of today Dresses are now offered in every style they are not the exclusive domain of women who are ultra-feminine. Based on the print and cut as well as appearance, korean dresses can indeed be an attractive piece of an neo-romantic or minimalist wardrobe. A dress that breaks the rules of traditional femininity can be worn as an element that is modern in the modern wardrobe.

Korean Overalls

Traditionally reserved for those working in factories or in fields, overalls are now a regular item of our closets. Denim dungarees are fashionable and casual styles, particularly when paired with a sailor's suit as well as white sneaks. It's also stylish and chic, especially when paired with a formal dress. Flexible and transgenerational, the overalls can be worn throughout the year, no matter the weather.

Korean Jackets

From the tweed blazer all the way to the suit jacket or the jeans garment to the jacket made of leather are available in a variety of styles and colors. The classic pieces are often an example of the latest fashions. The blazer is seen as adopting an masculine look and for instance, the korean denim jacket sporting an oversize style, and the perfect nineties fashion, while the suit jacket has it own stripes of tennis...

Where can I buy korean clothes?

If you're fortunate and you've got korean clothing stores close to you, and you are able to purchase Korean clothing. If you're not fortunate, don't fret! Today, there are sites which specialize in selling korean clothes. Whatever your location you'll be able to purchase Korean clothing.

What is the cost of korean clothing cost ?

It's a fantastic question. To be honest asking the amount Korean clothes cost is similar to asking about what the cost of a car is. The cost of Korean clothing will differ based on many aspects, including the quality of fabrics employed, the authenticity and elegance of the garments as well as whether they are brand new or second-hand. If you decide to purchase your Korean clothes secondhand it is likely to be less expensive, however you'll also be restricted in the variety of clothes you can purchase.

Then there is the quality of clothing. Like all kinds of clothes, Korean clothing can be offered in various levels of quality that range from basic to extremely robust. As you would imagine, the lower the cost, the greater chance that the quality is low. When you shop online, bear this in your head. For a rough idea of what to expect, the least expensive Korean clothing is an item of socks for less than $10. The most expensive would be an outfit that costs around $200.