Korean Red Cross Blood Services


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Korean Red Cross (KRC) initiated Blood Services since 1958. The KRC Blood Services has the operational authority and responsibility for the domestic blood supply. The KRC Blood Services aims to ensure stable supply of blood for transfusion and self-sufficiency in the plasma required for medical products.

For foreigners who want to donate blood in Korea, we have donor eligibility for foreigners on the website on the following link : https://www.redcross.or.kr/eng/eng_activity/activity_blood_donoreligibility.do

Even if you do not speak Korean, don't worry! We have trained volunteers who can help you translate the questionnaires for the interview. We are happy to help you arrange the schedule for your blood donation with volunteers. If you want to donate blood or have any inquiry regarding blood donor eligibility, please contact us at 033-811-0088 or email us at [email protected].

Your blood can save up to 3 people's lives.