Koreamobiles.com - Free Sim card with $20 charged and a gift to all


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for more details plz text 01097113253 or the email in the picture.

p.s. the number in the picture is temporary not working until November. 

This is not a scam and your information is given straight to KT and SK for the registration. Your information will be deleted from servers within 3 days upon the registration. if you still have any doubts about the event or the company,  you can easily find all information regarding it by searching the web about the company itself at www.koreamobiles.com 

It is a simple registration and doesn't to lead to any abligations. The registration process is done by the company, you don't need to do anything. Once the registration is done, a prepaid card charged with 20.000 and a gift will be sent to your address. You only need to try out the service. once you use all the money on the given number, it is up to you , to either charge it for more if you liked the service or not. As it was said "no obligations ". The gift you also keep.