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Busy working and playing? Tired of a dirty and unorganized apartment?  Then contact KITTYCAT CLEANING, Busan's new English-speaking maid service.

Kittycat Cleaning will come to your home and sort out the mess for a reasonable rate.  The best part is that you can communicate all of your wants and needs clearly, using ENGLISH.

Kittycat Cleaning is honest and reliable.  References are available for any first-time clients.

Kittycat charges a flat rate of 15,000 won an hour, with most jobs taking 3 to 4 hours.  We can come weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.  You make the call and we'll be there.

Get your place spic-and-span!  Contact Kittycat Cleaning today!

Call Minhee at 010-5250-5244


Re: Kitty Cat Cleaning: Busan's Enlish-Speaking Maid Service

Thank you for posting this great service. 

I only would say that I have used a cleaning service in Seoul before who charge 10,000 won per hour and offer the same services.  Other cleaning services in Busan charge about 30,000won for 4 hours. 

Your price is very high comparatively. Is this because you use your own cleaning supplies? 



Re: Kitty Cat Cleaning: Busan's Enlish-Speaking Maid Service

our place is 38 pyong and our lady comes (from a korean agency)for almost 4 hours and it costs us 30/35 000 total. no way i would pay 60 for the same service because you speak english. of course if you are lazy and have a 15 pyong place and want to spend 15 bucks for someone to clean your place because it would only take an hour then this could be for you. i can see it. id do it if i were living alone. 15 bucks for a clean place-i could 'live' with that. but you did say it takes 3 or 4 hours so...  anyway, good luck guys!

Re: Kitty Cat Cleaning: Busan's Enlish-Speaking Maid Service

i have some friend who have used this service and said great things about it.  if you have a cheaper place that you are happy with using, by all means, keep using it.  i have no idea if she brings her own cleaning supplies, but i do know that hamburgers and even gimbop vary in price from place to place.  it would make sense that cleaning services would vary in price

Re: Kitty Cat Cleaning: Busan's Enlish-Speaking Maid Service

She brings some of her own supplies.  If you want to go with a Korean-speaking service that may be cheaper, fine, but with this service you can communicate all your wants and needs in English.  And judging by the language skills of a lot of expats I know, the extra five bucks an hour just may be worth it.

Re: Kitty Cat Cleaning: Busan's Enlish-Speaking Maid Service


The price really makes a big difference though for someone who is shopping around for a cleaner. The price is 50% higher than any I have seen so I'd really like to know what they offer that is different from other places. The cleaner in Seoul was AMAZING too.  I'm not trying to be mean or lose her business; I really am interested but would like to negotiate the price or understand why it is so high.



Re: Kitty Cat Cleaning: Busan's Enlish-Speaking Maid Service

my cleaner is 30 and she is here for 4 hours. sarah is right-you guys are expensive. so, basically, it is  30 to clean and 30 because they speak english? makes no sense. good or not, no one can clean twice as good or is worth twice as much because they can listen to 1 minute of instructions-"Clean please"-unless you are like a maid that went to seinfelds house???

Re: Kitty Cat Cleaning: Busan's Enlish-Speaking Maid Service

Jeez you lot need to get a life!!!

It's all very simple. She/he places an ad and outlines what she has to offer, based on that and a subsequent meeting you then decide if you want to employ him/her. If you feel it is expensive move on. It's no different than going to Home+ and buying oranges either you like the price and quality or you don't - I am sure you don't come on here bitching about the cost and quality of oranges.

On a personal note I would not employ anyone for $10 an hour I charge more than that for my time and would conversely expect to have to pay more than that for someone to come to my home to clean. Which I don't have as I am more than able to keep a clean house myself!!! (32 Pyeong)

Anyway out of that $60 for 4 hours comes cleaning materials etc, Cost of transport ie insurance, gas, vehicle maintenance etc etc then a livable hourly rate $15 an hour sounds a bargain to me!!

Re: Kitty Cat Cleaning: Busan's Enlish-Speaking Maid Service

"Jeez, you lot need to get a life."

Well, for starters-how ignorant and stupid. Two, you have the longestest post here by far. Three, people like taking care of one another asa that is what expats do. Four, oranges at homeplus??? LOL!

The cleaners I use comes from a government agency and charges 30 to finish your place top to bottom. No english but have someone from your school phone.

Graham-it only seems like a bargain because either you know these people or you are just do not know what others are charging.  . Why pay double for someone when they speak english but are busy cleaning? Again, Seinfeld comes to mind. Enjoy the gum! 


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Re: Kitty Cat Cleaning: Busan's English-Speaking Maid Service


I'm looking for a cleaning service that is willing to come over to Yangsan. I know that that is quite a trip away, so I am willing to pay more for your services. 

Please contact me ASAP.

I'd like some cleaning done before July 15th.