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  • About Kingston Edu

Kingston Edu Corporation specializes in professional 1-to-1 English education services. We assist students who wish to gain entrance into top private schools around the world, entrance into foreign language high schools in Korea, with subject studies at international schools, or to maximize their English learning potential.


Since 1996, our staffs at Kingston have accrued extensive experience in ESL and English education in Korea. In 2006, an innovative PSP (Personalized Success Program) was developed catering to student’s needs and goals by building confidence in learning English by maximizing each student’s potential through individual attention and motivation.


- Job Type: Private Language School

- Student per Class: 1

- Location: Bundang, Gyeonggido

- Student Type: Elementary to middle

- Starting Date: ASAP


  • Why KINGSTON Edu?

Education is one of the pillars of society. It is education that drives the youth of any nation and it is the youth who hold the key to the future of a country. Korea is no different; people have a huge thirst for Education and in particular a drive to learn English. Millions of people search for the best way to master the world’s international language and many institutions claim to know the best way to teach English. At KINGSTON we ask you to look at our results, you’ll see student development far beyond anything that you’ll witness elsewhere.


At KINGSTON, we believe the key to learning English comes with the support of two key factors. A student of any age, creed or intellect needs a dedicated trained teacher and a responsive curriculum. When a trained teacher has the structure and framework of a strong curriculum, the teacher can properly focus on their student.


A positive classroom environment is also essential. A one-on-one or a small group class provides the platform by which students can learn from their teacher in a compact and intimate environment. Student progress and development can be properly gauged by the teacher quickly and areas of weakness can be with immediate effect.

At KINGSTON, teachers have the opportunity to teach. This sentence may strike you as simple, but to those who have worked in English education know that this is not always the case. To have a flexible curriculum that can be tailored to each individual student means that you have the ability to effectively teach as a teacher should.


At KINGSTON students develop, teachers thrive and education triumphs in a company that tailors instructors, curriculum and learning to the needs of its students.

Choose education, choose KINGSTON!


  • Employment Terms

- Teaching Hours: Mon to Fri /part time (3:00pm~8:30pm / flexible)

- Salary: 25,000~30,000 KRW per hr (Negotiable)

- Contract Term: 1 yr

- No classes on national holidays

- No housing


  • Qualifications:

- Hold a BACHELOR’S DEGREE or higher

- Must have F4 visa (Gyopo)

- English-speaking people

- No Criminal record

- Individuals already living in Korea given 1st consideration


  • How to apply:

You can email us with the following documents

([email protected])

             - Resume

             - Cover letter

             - Recent ID photo