K.Indie Music Label 'Tripper Sound'


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Tripper Sound is a Rock based Indie-label located in Seoul, South Korea. We help  local bands to develop and promote by helping them record albums, go on tour and etc. As the name tells, Tripper Sound chases both the dream-like psychedelic sound and powerful classic-rock sound reflecting the talented artists’ thoughts. We’re working hard to accomplish the goal, to make a deep impression on the audience by providing the finest performances and records.

Homepage : www.trippersound.com

Facebook : www.facebook.com/trippersound

Twitter : www.twitter.com/tripper_sound

Youtube : www.youtube.com/trippersound1



Achtung : Acoustic Folk Rock

Coreyah : Fusion Gugak & World Music

Javo Island : Pop rock

Phonebooth : Rock N Roll, British Rock

24Hours : Garage Rock