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Far from a gym, our vision for Kaizen is one of a "wellness workroom": a community space shared by those inspired and deciated to our mission of continuous improvement. 

No treadmills. No weight machines. No tvs. No posters promoting diet pills or weight gainer. Kaizen is not a health club. Kaizen is a wellness workroom where people come to learn more about building a more functional tool- the body- do do what you need it to do: play sports, manage health risks (fatty liver, diabetes, etc.) be your students' human jungle gym, run for your life. Here you are met with the instruction of teachers dedicated to having the best, most comprehensive program available. 

About Us:

Simon, lead teacher and proprietor holds the following certifications: CrossFit, Functional Movement Screen, Hard-Style Kettlebell Certification, Certified Natural Trainer Level I & II, and Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED.

Mindy, yoga instructor, completed teacher training in Mysore, India and  is registered with the top international association, Yoga Alliance. 

We hope to be training with you soon!

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051) 758-6066

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  1. From Millak Station (next to Centum City): take exit 4. Walk straight out of the exit and past the gas station. We’re next to the Kia dealership on the corner. (2 mins walk.)
  2. From Suyeong Station/bus stops: From exit 3, walk straight (against the flow of traffic) for about 5 minutes. You’ll pass a gamja tang restaurant, gas station and animal hospital (at the corner with a pedestrian crosswalk with lights.) We’re two buildings down from the animal hospital.