JRYN Dermatology Seomyeon, Busan - First event of June


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JRYN Dermatology is located in Seomyeon, a city visited by many foreigners.

We are holding regular events so that many people can receive a variety of treatments at a reasonable price, and rather than performing simple treatments, we make an overwhelming difference with customized treatments that are effective and suitable for each individual's skin.

If you are looking for a dermatologist in Busan, experience the beauty lounge at JRYN Dermatology in Seomyeon.

English support is available, and we also offer special discounts for foreigners, so please show your interest and use it!

(korea won)

-- JRYN June special price collection --

✅Skin Botox 1cc ➡ 9,000 won
✅ Botox 3 areas as desired ➡ 10,000 won
(Including square jaw!! Regardless of muscle wrinkles)

-- JRYN June special price collection --

✅Inmode Mini FX+FORMA ➡ 9,000 won
✅Shrink Universe (Ultra Booster+
Aurora Ampoule) 100 shots ➡ 18,000 won

-- JRYN June special price collection --

✅Gentle Max Pro hair removal for 1 part ➡ 10,000 won
(1 part of the face or armpits)

-- JRYN June special price collection --

✅Fat decomposition injection + body in mode
➡ 49,000 won
✅Slim fat decomposition injection + chin botox
➡49,000 won

-- JRYN June special price collection --

✅Reblight SI+Excel V+
Vitamin care + modeling pack ➡49,000 won

✅Pico Toning+Pico Gold Toning+
Vitamin care + modeling pack ➡49,000 won

If you have any further questions, consultation, or need to make a reservation, please contact us using the information below!

We are always ready to welcome you, so please don’t worry and visit us ^^

main number : 051-991-7575