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Joint Office of International Administrative Agents

Contact Number 1688-6859
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for foreigners in Korea
Application for Refugee status (G-1) 
: If you are persecuted by your native country, you can apply for refugee status.
for workers in Korea
VISA Status Change from E-9, E-10, H-2 to E-7 (More Than 4 Years)
: Point Based Skilled Foreign Workers VISA has been executed from August 1, 2017.
for workers in Korea
Claim and Contest for Compensation for Industrial Accident
: If you get hurt at work, you can receive compensation for damage.
for foreigners in Korea
Foreign Patient
: If you are under the care because of a disease or accident, you can change your VISA status.
for foreigners in Korea
Humanitarian Permission for Residence
: foreigners who have a humanitarian reason, such as pregnancy or childbirth, can change their VISA status.
for foreigners in Korea
Illegal Immigrant Rescue 
: Illegal immigrants can also conduct as mentioned above.
Company Name : joint office of international administrative agents
Representative : lee sang-wook
Address : 14-18, Saemal-ro 45beon-gil, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea
Contact Number : 1688-6859
Kakaotalk : duddnd0515
Wechat : duddnd0515
Business Number : 360-08-00359