Jesus Power Church in Busan


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Jesus Power Church in Busan city.

Our church is located at Gum Jeong -Gu,

The address is

5F, 30-1 Cheong Yong-Ro, Gum Jeong-Gu, Busan.

The easiest way to get to this church is to come to Beomeo Sa subway station, which is 5 stops away from the Pusan National University.


Our church has a worship service for foreigners in Busan.

This is a inter-denominational church but has more like a Pentecostal worship style.

We have a service at 11:00  am and 2:00 pm on every Sunday here.

Currently we are looking for  foreigner co-workers to  help this English service to glorify the name of the Lord.


We also have Korean language lesson classes.

You are welcome to join us.


Feel free to call us

  010 6617 4 960

 [email protected]

Pastor Tim.