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Happy New Year! Everyone!

Hello. This is Changwoo Yang. I am a licensed English speaking realtor. I opened my own agency recently.

Finding a place to live in Korea can be especially daunting. Difficulties with language and communication, knowledge of various localities, types of housing, pricing and even knowing where to begin can all be an intimidating and stressful process. While being a Busan native, I myself have experience of living overseas in a foreign country and understand how difficult the house hunting process can be for those who come to Korea from overseas.

As a licensed realtor, I am here to provide a full range of services to help in finding your next place to call home. My specialty is in serving the real estate needs of the English-speaking foreigner community in the Busan area. Aside from real estate, I also offer paid translation services for related business or social situations.

I typically work with 50 to 100 foreign customers every year and am knowledgeable about the various housing options all over the city that can provide the best match. I can also provide assistance with relocation services. Please let me know your budget, desired type of housing, type and period of contract, exact move-in date, preferred area in Busan, pets and any special requests.

The best time for house hunting is 2 to 3 weeks before your move-in date, as landlords typically do not want their properties vacant for any longer than that. I have a list of housing for sale or rent throughout the entirety of Busan. I can help set up private tours and can travel anywhere in the Busan immediate area. While there is no additional cost for English real estate services, I may require a minimal travel fee in order to cover my travel costs. Please contact me for more details.

Finding a place to live and signing a contract is only part of the process. I am not a realtor who disappears after signing a contract. I believe in establishing an ongoing relationship. Foreign customers often require continuous help with things such as communicating with landlords, setting up repairs, renewals, etc. When you sign a contract through me, I will continue to help with these aspects throughout the duration of your contract. If any dispute arises, I will advocate on your behalf. Even if you are not my customer, I would be happy to provide counsel to the best of my ability for any questions you may have with your current housing.

Please feel free to contact me through email, phone, or text (Kakaotalk is most preferred).


Agency Name : iCON real estate 아이콘공인중개사사무소

CEO Name : Changwoo Yang 양창우

Address : 부산광역시 금정구 명서로 76, 201호

TELL : 010-9100-1793

Registration Number : 제 26410-2022-00070호

E-mail : y[email protected]

KaKao ID: ycw0407