Hyosowon – Vegetarian Buffet (CLOSED)


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Update March 2013: Now Closed


This delicious vegetarian buffet in located in down-town Centum City near Asia’s largest mall, Shinsegae, and the two enormous BEXCO exhibition centres. It sells itself as a well-being restaurant, one of many to crop up in Busan recently. Each person receives a packet of grains (?) to aid in their digestion. I can’t say much for its taste or effectiveness, but the food they serve is pretty good.

For W13,000 you get an array of salad, some faux meat, grilled vegetables and a variety of rice and soups. The food derives its inspiration from traditional Korean dishes such as bibimbap, chiigaes and jap-cha. You can also find bread and spaghetti. It’s obviously healthy and nutritious food and so filling you ought to be cautious of your portion sizes.


At Centum City Subway exit 11 walk straight (with your back to Shinsegae) and you will pass MOMA art store and Citibank. At the large intersection you’ll spot Starbucks diagonally across from you. Hyosowon is in that building on the second floor. Enter the building to the left of starbucks.

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