HOTEL MINI, center of the Busan (as beautiful hostel)


Business/Organization Type: 

Hotel mini which makes ready hotel facilities is located in central downtown Seomyon

in Busan.

Repaired remodel construction work last autumn, it has a polished and graceful style in

external apperarance now. Also became known as more cleaner, more cheaper, more

kinder than any other hostels in here by foreign vistors.

AS it is in medtown area, able to have variety culture experiences like going to

traditional market, eating road-food, shopping in a department store etc..

Using take a convienient traffic by subway, you can go anywhere you think

Haeundae, Gwananri beach, Jalgalchi which is famous for natural raw fish.

If you are to be with Hotel mini, your traveling becomes something special definitely.

Enjoy your time in here~

Make ensure your memories and slumber sleep in Busan.

Thank you.


*Always prepared. toast and coffee.

*Be there staff, speaking English well.

*24 Opening gate, anytime all day.

*Just walking 7min, possible to take a subway

*address : 57-4 Neospo bujuon2dong busan jin-go busan (in Seomyon)

*tel : 051 802 0703


*rate :



kind of room



fri/sat weekend


double bad + full facilites