Hokkan Japanese Bar/Restaurant


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 I found a great Japanese bar/restaurant in Seomyeon. It has a moderately priced food and drink selection, a full picture menu, and staff that speak both English and Korean. The food is deliciously prepared by a chef who spent 10 years in Ginza, one of Japan's most popular shopping districts. Moreover, most of the sake and food are imported direct from Japan.

From Seomyon subway station, exit 2, walk towards Migliore shopping center and turn right. Keep walking until you get to  the Baskin Robbins and turn right down a small sidestreet. Hokkan is on the right side of the street. While the sign is written in Korean, it is directly below the sign for a bar called "Ferrari".

 For more information or reservations contact Hokkan by phone: 051- 806-9922, or website: www.hokkan.co.kr