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  While living in Texas, I fell in love with Tex-Mex food.  After returning to Busan, I missed being able to eat real Mexican food, so I decided to open Habanero TexMex Restaurant in the heart of Nampodong.  I have done my best  provide authentic Mexican food options while also experimenting with some fusion options that might appeal to local tastes.  
  I also enjoyed drinking a lot of tasty beer in Texas, so have made sure we've got great beer options (on tap and bottled). Habanero also has a full bar, dart boards, and lots of food specials. My goal is for this to be a place where all Mexican food lovers can come to enjoy a great meal and have a fun time. I'd love to hear your feedback, requests, and ideas.  Hope to see you soon at Habanero. 

Jung Dong Chul
- The Habanero Guy

More about Habanero TexMex Restaurant

* 12 beers on tap
* Full bar (try our margaritas - frozen or on the rocks)
* Vegetarian options available for most meals
* Free Wifi
* Electronic Dart Boards
* Available for private parties on our lower level
* Post a photo or message about us on social media while you're here and receive 10% off your entire tab!

Daiy Specials  (10% off your entire tab)

  • Mondays:  Group Day - 4 people or more 
  • Tuesdays:  Ladies Day - tables of all women
  • Wednesdays:  Early Bird -  for parties who arive before 5pm
  • Thursdays:  Couple Day - all couples on a date
  • Sundays:  Family Day - for tables with children (under age 12)


Hours: 11:30a.m~01:00a.m
Phone: 051-254-6662
Website:  Habanerokorea.com
Facebook: Facebook.com/HabaneroKorea

Location: From Nampodong Subway stop, exit#1 walk down the alley past two small intersections.  Habanero will be on the left.   Google Map

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Re: Habanero TexMex Restaurant (Nampodong Busan)


Being born and raised in Texas and on “Tex-Mex” food, I was excited to hear advertising about an authentic “Tex-Mex” restaurant located in Napodong.

So we made the quest from Gimhae to Busan. My wife (Korean), knows authentic “Tex-Mex” food and can cook it as well.

We arrived at 11:30 AM as advertised above, but the business opened at 3:00 PM. So we had to come back 3 ½ hours later.

I would describe it as a bar (Cantina) more than a restaurant – 1st floor and basement.

The menu looked promising which contained Tex-Mex menu items like queso, fajitas, quesadillas, burritos and tacos.

The waitress brought out some chips and salsa. The chips were really stale, the salsa was served in a really small side cup and it tasted ok with a tint of spiciness, but they only give you enough salsa for about a ¼ of the stale chips.

From the beginning the waitress had a surly attitude and I think she was more concerned about setting everything up for opening. It was not busy, there were only two other tables, about 6-8 people total.

I ordered the queso and beef fajitas which came with Spanish rice.

The fajitas were served with sides like grated cheese, spoon size of refried beans, diced onions, and all served in the same really small side cups – clearly not enough for the amount of fajitas severed.

The flour tortillas were small (6” round) and they cut them in half which made them useless to use for the fajitas.

I asked the waitress for some uncut tortilla shells – which was a 3,000 won charge for four.

The beef, wasn't fajitas, were cut in small cubes and doused in a really sweet black sauce.

The onions and bell peppers looked like they were just heated up under a heat lamp and were not even cooked. Could have been microwaved. I asked the waitress to have them cooked and waited.

The rice was hard, tasted very sweet and was very oily.

I ordered the dark “craft” beer which had very little flavor. Later I ordered the “craft” weizen which I would describe as just ok. While waiting for the food to be cooked, My wife saw a rat run down one of the horizontal pipes near the ceiling, then it went up another pipe to the 2nd floor.

The queso seemed very strange, its consistency, it had little flavor and was expensive at 10,000 won a small bowl and served with stale chips. I made the mistake of ordering two.

The owners father was there, he seemed nice and personable and said his son lived around the hill country somewhere near Austin.

The amounts of food were small, minus the beers, it was very expensive.

“Authentic Tex-Mex” food…. It was Not

None of the food we ordered looked like any of the pictures advertised above.

I would best describe their food as sweet “Kor-Mex” food.

10 being the best, I would rate this place at a 2 or 2.5

I would definitely not even rate this place in an “Authentic Tex-Mex” category.

Re: Habanero TexMex Restaurant (Nampodong Busan)

Think you were lookn for the real thing. Real Texmex places without a heavy American presence will never make it since Koreans do not like real texmex foods. The food here is more fusion and created to match the taste buds of Koreans. I am from Texas and I really enjoyed the food but then again I was smart enough to know I wasnt going get true texmex bor see a guy named jorge workn the grill.

Re: Habanero TexMex Restaurant (Nampodong Busan)

I am from Texas and have eaten in many mom n pop Texmex restaurants all over Texas so was intrigued when I heard about a fusion texmex korean bar/grill. Like all True Texans know real texmex is the best at the local mom and pop places and not El Chicos.  First I like the fact its located in old downtown Nampodong. A very nice place to visit.

The mood and feel of the restaurant was very nice. Waitress could be friendlier but i came for the food so we began to order. My friends and I ordered kimchi crnitas rice, beef fajitas, queso, pasta and tacos and burritos. We wanted to share and try a bit if it here n there. First and foremost Ive been to vatos many times at Yongsan and never liked their food. But did like the atmosphere. The food at Haboneros blows away vatos in comparison. The food is basically a Fusion if texmex and korean. Definitely a heavy korean influence since majority of the customers are korean, we are in Korea you know. Cheeses in the queso was thick and good... Very cheesy. Fajitas beef was tender and side items were nice especially the beans. Tacos were good and suprisingly the pasta blew my mind. My favorite was kimchi rice carnitas. That dish itself made the trip worth while. I recommend Habaneros to anyone who is wanting a bit of the southwest w a heavy korean influence. DO NO expect to go in there and expect gigantic plates of tex mex plates at a cheap price. Remember it is catered to Koreans and Koreans are not into a big plate of crap on it. Texmex food is relatively very thick in beans and cheeses, salty n easy to make. Pretty much what Koreans do not like. Food at Habaneros is the polar opposite if this. You can tell when you taste the food there is a fine mix and thought put into the ingredients. Food fuzes together well and has a spicy sweet kick to some of the items. Food is definitely unique n the taste even more so. Big recommend if you are wanting a special fusion blend texmex w old school korean. Give it about 8.5 out if 10.