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Geumdon Real Estate is located near Pusan National University and carries out various types of real estate contracts such as studios, apartments, shops, ect. We also provide English interpretation services for international students and foreign customers. When writing a contract, we serve to mediate by providing a translation service when it is difficult to communicate between the lessor and the tenant and to add special contracts or explain them.


Why Geumdon Real Estate?

Real estate contracts require a certain level of Korean use. If you sign a contract without accurately recognizing special agreements or additional costs, you may have problems after the contract period ends. Our real estate agency does its best to explain the details of the contract to our customers, and if you want, we provide you with an English contract in addition to the Korean contract.


We are located within a 3-minute walk from Pusan National University Station, and you can visit it by car because it operates a free parking lot. Map Link

Order of Contract Progress

If you make a reservation a few days before your visit, we will create a list of housing options according to the conditions you want. You can visit listed houses in our company's car on the day of your visit. If you are unable to visit due to your overseas residence, please contact the real estate and you can consult through e-mail or Kakao Talk.

Once the house you want is decided, the contract will proceed by adjusting the date of signing

the contract with the landlord.

English Website

사무소명칭(Agent Name): 금돈공인중개사사무소

대표/개업공인중개사(Name) : 김보경

소재지(Add) : 부산광역시 금정구 부산대학로 10, 부곡대우아파트 상가 1층 110호  Map Link

전화번호(Tel) : 051-518-8289, 010-4499-8283

등록번호(Registration Num) : 제 26410-2022-00041호

이메일(E-mail) : [email protected]

KaKao ID: geumdon