GET Hongdae Guesthouse


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We started GET Hongdae guesthouse to provide you not only an accommodation but also a place to share cultural variety.

Hongdae is well-known for its urban arts and indie music culture, clubs and entertainments. The area provides street art festival and performances, as well as music concerts by independent artists and mainstream entertainers.

For the good location of GET Hongdae, you can meet many people who want to enjoy the culture here.

We, as local people, can give you some travel advises; popular restaurants, gig, concerts, shops around Hongdae area and tourism information of the other areas you wish to travel too.  We are willing to help you make your travel more fun and enjoyable with GET Hongdae.

We hope you come and get memorable experience at GET Hongdae Guesthouse. 

See you soon :)

“Life is about the people you meet, and the things you create with them.” – The Holstee Manifesto 


About GET Hongdae

Guest house in Hongdae for Great Escape Traveller.

Good place to make your trip more fun and colorful!

+ Travel(backpacker)
+ Band concert & Festival (spectator)
+ Sports(Away Team supporter)

[Best Location]

-5min walk from Hongik University station (Line 2, Airport)

-Arty and diverse Neighborhood

*The Hongik University area offers a fascinating glimpse into Korea’s youth and indie culture. The artistic spirit can be found in its exclusive designers shops, unique restaurants and cafes. The trendy marketplaces opened by young artists are sure to catch your eye as well while its distinctive club culture has added appeal.

[Carefree Atmosphere]

-Neat and comfortable bedroom

-Convenient services such as Wifi, phone, PC and Breakfast

-Religious items for Muslim

-Various Tour Info

 (Tour attraction, Night life, Cuisine, Performance events)