Free Translation services for foreign residents in Busan 1577-7716


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The Busan Global Center provides 'free interpretation and translation services to foreign residents' in order to help them to solve difficulties in communicating when using public institutions and hospitals. If you sign up for the service and use any of these institutions, supporters will be available to accompany you for interpretation and translation purposes.

The service covers 12 languages such as English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Vietnamese, Uzbek, Khmer, Mongolian, Thai, Filipino, and Myanmarese. The supporters are selected based on their language skills and translating & Interpreting experience, and they directly participate in the service to support the clients.

Direct application is available through BGC Call Center (1577-7716) / Please apply at least 3 days prior to using the service. Personal businesses, legal judgments, examination results, or medical diagnoses of life and death are excluded from the service.