Family Dental Clinic (Jurye)


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Hi, I`m Nina, a dentist.

My private dental clinic welcomes you from all over the world.

I am specialized in periodontics and had worked at Busan veterans` hospital for 8 years.

My office is located just in front of Jurye ( line 2) subway station.(gate 1 & 3)

You can find  the "Pari Baguette"(bakery house) building with ease. My clinic is in the 4th floor.

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I treat all dental problems including toothaches, wisdom teeth, cavities, tooth whitening etc.

Come and consult to Dr.Yi

phone : 051-322-2879



Re: Family Dental Clinic (Jurye)

What a great clinic! I FEAR dentists and need major work done to my teeth. This clinic has a warm and personal atmosphere. The ladies are all professional and really make an effort to make sure the patient is comfortable! Dr Yu is great and her English is very good!

Re: Family Dental Clinic (Jurye)

I agree with above comment ( Just went there).  What a great clinic. Dr Nina speaks excellent English. So, there are no more miss understanding.

One more point , the doctor will explain every problem in details, then suggest the best for you. Price also affordable. Some of dental service also covered by insurance ( National health insurance).

So, if you ask me is it worth to go this clinic, I will say YES. Recommended for foreigners in Busan.