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FAM Dental is a great place to have dental work done. I have been there many times to 'catch up' on the last 10 years of neglected dentist work. Dr. Kim speaks English well, is very kind and does great work. I have known Dr. Kim for several years and I can vouch for his good work.

The FAM Dental Clinic is located in Somyeon, right across from the Lotte Hotel, so it is easy to find. It is located on the second floor. If you have any questions, look at the top of the post and click my username (Dan) to contact me.

Phone: 051-805-2275 (English Speakers available) Hours and directions can be found below.

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Re: FAM Dentist - Now offering 50% Discount for foreigners ...

Great stuff! I highly recommend his work. He even ordered special anastetic for me because my teeth are embarassingly sensitive. The special care he took to make me feel good really and confident. Also there is a nice coffee machine in the waiting area.

Re: FAM Dentist - Now offering 50% Discount for foreigners ...

Hi Dan, I assume you are a foreigner and tried any of the dental services offered by Dr. Kim's clinic.

I am just skeptic about the regulation of Korea if in case one has a complaint about the dental procedure?  Is there any protection given to us (foreigners) in case of mishap or negligence.

I am going for vacation in Seoul in March.