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•        Save $500-$1000 per month while exploring and experiencing a whole new world. Don’t worry about your flights or rent because they are all covered by your employer!

•        Meet new friends from around the world and enjoy a relaxed lifestyle, teaching 30 hours or less per week.

•        Travel to amazing and cheap exotic locations such as Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, China and many more! They are all within reach during your stay in Korea!

•        Receive around $6000 on your very last day in Korea! Use this to pay off loans or go on an extended vacation! (This money comes from your last month pay, your bonus one-month pay for completing a one-year contract, and your pension over one year)

You do not need to be an education or English major to teach in Korea! As long as you meet these 3 requirements there is a great job waiting for you! You must:

1.  Hold a passport from one of the following native English-speaking countries: Canada, USA, UK, Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia

2.  Hold a degree of any major from a recognized University from any of the countries listed above.

3.  Have never been convicted of a crime

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