Erican International English Program: Studying English in Malaysia.

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Dear Sir/Madam 

My name is  Paul  Sildy McAdie and I am working in conjunction with my colleague , Mr. Lawal Jalili, who is  based in Kuala Lumpur , to introduce Erican college.

Details of the college , its courses, prices and services follows below:

Erican International English Program


Our Erican International English (EIE) Program is a full time Intensive English program that helps to improve English proficiency level in the elements of Grammar, Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading.


It has 6 levels in total from Beginner, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate & Advance. Each level are 2 months duration. Upon completion of each level and passed the evaluation, students will be given a certificate indicating the level completed.


Students are required to sit for a placement test prior to enrollment to the course to enable us to determine their current level of English proficiency, and students will be placed to the level which is suitable for them thereafter.


The minimum terms for enrollment will be 4 terms to enable us to apply for a 6 months Student Visa.


Intakes are available every month throughout the year and classes starts every day from Monday to Thursday (9 am to 3.30 pm) and Friday (9.00 am to 12.15 noon).


Student Visa Application

Documents needed are as follows:

1.       Passport size photo (35 mm x 45 mm) with WHITE background

2.       Passport information page copy

3.       Academic Result & Transcript (Kindly attached with the certified translated certificate copy if the certificate is not in English)

4.       Medical Checkup report


Once Student gathered all necessary documents, kindly scan a copy and email it to us. After we have checked through all the documents, we will submit it to Educational Malaysia Government Service (EMGS) for Student Visa Application. Kindly be reminded that the result will be subject to Educational Malaysia Government Service (EMGS) & Immigration Malaysia’s approval. The application will take estimated 14 working days from the date of submission.


Once the Visa Approval Letter is out, we will contact  you and send you the approval along with the guidance on arrival arrangement and Visa Endorsement.



If a student would like to take 4 terms of the English Course, the fees calculation will be as follows:



*Total Fees includes application fees for course & Visa Application, material fees & Course fees for 4 terms)


Total Course Fee              2500 US (4 terms/months)

Initial payment                 600 US (Visa Application – 6 months visa duration & Program Application)


Balance Total                     2500 US (To be settle after arrival of student and before commencing class)


*Student will take the placement test after they arrived in the college.


During the 4th Term, Student can do extension for the course to utilize the remaining 2 months Student Visa, if otherwise, they will have to cancel the remaining 2 months Student Visa and exit the country as Student are not allowed to remain in the Country without studying according to immigration policy.


Due to the above, we normally would advise students to take more than 4 terms and it will be beneficial to your commission rate as well.


We hope the above information are in order. Please do not hesitate to contact myself if you need further clarifications on any of the item above.


Thank you


Best regards,


Paul Sildy