English speaking realtor in Busan


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Hi, Everyone.
I am a realtor in Busan.
We are certificated and located in Busan. and taking care of entire area of Busan.
If you are looking for a house in Busan, I will find it for you.
Please let me know your budget, type of house, type of contract, area in Busan and any special request.
I am willing to find house which can satisfy all of your need.
And provide you English service and English contract paper for free.
Also, if you have any questions regarding problem of your current staying house. will counsel your question as much as I know.
I lived in Canada for 5 years as foreigner, so I know exactly how foreigner feel. do not hesitate to ask favor.
Please feel free to contact me in email, call or message.
Thank you for your time.
call : +82-10-9100-1793
Kakao talk ID : ycw0407