Ele After shcool English teacher in Busan


Business/Organization Type: 

We(Smart afterschool English) are looking for responsible and highly motivated native teachers in public elementary schools!

1.Vacancies: ele schools in Busan

2. Schools Locations: Busan areas

3. Visa type:  F2,F5, or F6 visa available. (E2 is Okay but we don't sponsor.)

4. Class hours: 13:00pm ~ 17:00pm ( depends on school schedule)

*(Usually 4 classes a day / 40 - 50 min class and 5 - 10 min break)

5. Working days: five days a week( any days )

6. Salary : KRW 35,000 per class

7. Starting Date : March 1st

8. Our office's location to have an interview is: Smart After-school English, Haeundae-gu, Marine city,  Busan

Subway: Green Line - Dongbaek Station, exit 2


This a good opportunity for you to work with us!

Please attach a cover letter as the first page of your photo and phone#resume, attaching a photocopy of your alien registration card. Submit your application to choi (director)

For further information, contact on 051-528-2000

Email to : [email protected]

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Thank you!


- choi -


Smart Afterschool English